The Federation of Telangana Chambers
of Commerce and Industry
(formerly known as FTAPCCI)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

FTAPCCI Services

Presently, the Federation lends its support to the Government to promote economic growth through planned programs.
FTCCI has oriented itself to render better and greater services to its members that include:

  • Invites Union Ministers, Chief Ministers of different States, Ambassadors / High Commissioners of various countries in India and high level dignitaries 
  • Secretaries of important Ministries and Heads of various departments are invited for a dialogue with our members on current issues
  • Receives business delegations from different countries as well as their Government officials to contribute to our international business relations
  • Sponsors business missions abroad and participates in international exhibitions

The Federation provides basic information services in the following areas:

  • Industry
  • Banking, Insurance & Finance
  • Energy
  • Direct Taxes
  • Indirect Taxes
  • Industrial Relations
  • Commercial taxes
  • Foreign Trade
  • Agriculture
  • Arbitration Services.

ATA Carnet is a temporary duty free importation facilities to prospect outlets for their products in foreign markets. It is an International Uniform Customs document issued in 75 countries including India, which is party to the Customs Convention on ATA Carnet. It is a simple customs document which is readily made out by the holder and checked by the Customs. 

The ATA Carnet service is available to business and sales executives, exhibitors at trade fairs and traveling professionals, such as film crews, architects, artists, engineers, entertainers, photographers, sports teams and many more. Large companies, small companies, individuals on the move - all can benefit. Sales representatives with valuable samples and people with professional equipment are the largest users.

FTCCI in close coordination with FICCI (national guaranteeing organization) is facilitating the issue of ATA Carnet at FTCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad. 

For details contact - Mr. Firasath Ali Khan, Deputy Executive Officer, FTCCI on 23395515-12,


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