The Federation of Telangana Chambers
of Commerce and Industry
(formerly known as FTAPCCI)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified


This is an affiliated body of FTCCI that is constituted with the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and other leading professionals. It accomplishes the needs of a Forum for senior business leaders to regularly meet and discuss the status of industry with economists, political leaders, legal experts and bureaucracy among others in an informal manner. The key aims of the forum include the following:

  • Networking among senior business people for mutual benefit
  • Networking with political class for proactive involvement in policies conducive for economic development of the State & Country
  • Networking with senior bureaucrats to ensure smooth implementation of Government policies for economic growth
  • Act as mentors for young and new business persons for economic development of the State

The CEO Forum has dinner meetings at regular intervals, with a minimum of 4-5 such meetings every year. Senior political leaders and bureaucrats are invited based on specific topics for the dinner meeting. Membership to CEO Forum is only by invitation and restricted to CEO & top brass of the organization and the fees is Rs.15000 per annum.

To know more about this service, drop us a mail at or call us on 040-23395515-24


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